Music is a passion of ours at Willhouse. Our creativity is fueled by listening to vinyl, going to concerts and supporting music culture.

For Richard, that passion extends to an artistic profession. He has been creating original music since childhood with his first keyboard and drum set. It was from these beginnings that he played drums and guitar in numerous bands from Junior High School to post-college.

Richard helped formed the band Shades of Day out of college and for the next 12 years the band built a recording studio out of an old barn and self-produced their first album. Richard played drums and percussion as well as co-wrote songs.

It was also at this time that a partnership with Robot Love Productions developed. Richard expanded his musical portfolio by creating scores for both long and short films.

Willhouse Audio was created as a way to extend our passion to your project. We know just how important music can be to a piece. Let's partner up to create something special and unique.

Here are some samples of our work. Follow the Prophet Trailer. (from 1:43 to end). Robot Love Productions Scores

  • Sample 1 - :30
  • Sample 2 - :30
  • Sample 3 - :30
  • Sample 4 - :30
  • Sample 5 - :30
  • Sample 6 - :30
  • Sample 7 - :30
  • Sample 8 - :30
  • Sample 9 - :30