Based in sunny Ventura, California, we are a multi-talented duo working in the realms of photo, graphic, print, web and audio with a strong focus in brand and web development. Our mission is to build a long-term relationship with our clients and to produce top-notch photography, beautiful design, and functional and smart websites, that reflects our clients style and goals.

About Us

First came love, then came Oliver and Michele Productions, then came Willhouse. Our former business O + M is where it all began for us. What started out as a side project of two people in love putting their strengths and passion together three years later turned into a growing and thriving business.

With us, you get the best of both worlds, a designer and developer, creativity and logic, two "better halfs" to style and build your project or business for success.

We understand that your online shop is not just a site, it is a home. We know your small business is not just work, it is your passion. We get it. Our work is our passion and Willhouse is our home. We welcome you in as company and will do our best to make you comfortable and well taken care of.

Stacey Michele-Millett of Willhouse Photography

Photographer and Designer Stacey Millett-Shay graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography with a focus in Photojournalism. After a few years working in sports and editorial photography, Stacey fell in love with photographing families, kids and couples with her signature style using natural light and genuine moments. Around the time she fell in love with Richard, an organic interest in graphic design began as she resurrected her college design skills and now takes the reins on branding and design.

At Willhouse you can find Stacey planning the next great project, creating compelling brands, shooting beautiful photos and helping other businesses grow.

Stacey has a passion for creating workshops, hiking, making handmade gifts, antiquing, traveling, and her family.

Career goal: Design and photograph a travel cookbook.

Richard Shay of Willhouse Photography

Web Developer, Photographer and Musician Richard Shay graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Multimedia at California Lutheran University. Richard is a multi-talented artist with a 15 year career at a magazine working with everything from photo retouching, web and print. When Richard met Stacey, a dream came to life and together they ingnited their passion to start their own multimedia studio. Richard jumped into developing websites and pushing his photography skills to new heights.

At Willhouse you can find Richard reading about the next great web platform, creating high performing websites, arranging music beats and serving up great coffee at client meetings.

Richard has a passion for creating music, collecting vinyl, movies, building furniture, coffee and road trips.

Career goal: To build a studio for Willhouse to grow.